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RCD's (Safety Switches) and Smoke Alarm Installations

Whether you are renting, selling or living in your house, RCD’s and smoke alarms are so important because the save lives!


If you are renting or selling it is actually law to have 2 RCD’s installed.


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If you would like to do some research on your own, see the articles and references below


Smoke Alarm Laws


Here's an excerpt from the DFES (Department of Fire and Emergency Services) website:


"From 1 October 2009 mains powered smoke alarms must be fitted in all existing residential buildings prior to sale and when a new tenancy agreement is signed for rental properties. If there are no tenancy changes in rental properties, then mains powered smoke alarms must be fitted by 1 October 2011"


For all the latest legislation and source references on Smoke Alarms by DFES, click here

Residual Current Device (RCD) Laws


Here's an excerpt from the Department of Commerce RCD Fact Sheet:


Laws introduced in 2009 require all home sellers (before sale) and landlords to install at least two RCDs, protecting all power points and lighting circuits.


To view your personal responsibility, view the Department of Commerce RCD Rules here